Art, Pills and Lemons

It's errands day. I grab my bike and head out. That's pretty much how my day today coalesced. I went out for some art supplies. A couple of paint, a few brushes and canvass panels. Malls and other establishment now requires everyone to wear face shield, aside from the mandatory face mask and a "quarantine pass". I guess its the government's way of saying they are actually trying to do something. Ridiculous, ain't it?

Vitamin C has been scarce until now. Right now you can get more than three boxes (if you wish). Albeit there are alternatives like... having lemons! Making lemonade. Or any nourishment that requires any fruit from the citrus family. I'm not really sure. This is just common sense.

I just love how cyclists greet each other. The warmth of camaraderie is so refreshing. It just adds a bit of kick to that feeling of freedom while biking. Whoop! Stay safe! Ride safe!

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Shot on @GoPro Hero 8


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